Exploring the real Salem

Cynthia is the owner and a master tour guide who I learned very quickly on always puts her guests first. She explains the tour very carefully, she wants to be aware of any food allergies, sensitivities or preferences. She also explains it is a sipping and tasting tour, so there will be alcoholic beverages served. And walking, it is a walking tour. She later revealed she always brings ponchos for each of her guests should the New England weather start doing its thing and change throughout the afternoon. 

The tour was about exploring Salem – the history, the culture and the food. Restaurants serving Wagyu beef tartar with black truffles and caviar pearls are few and far between in Salem so this is not that kind of tour. It is a let’s go meet some of the locals and learn what makes Salem, Salem – it is truly the people. Best of all, you’ll meet the people who care about the food they create and care that you are there to enjoy it.  Cynthia takes you through the real Salem. The locations change each time so I will definitely plan on taking this tour again when I am in Salem.  I can’t wait!

-J.B. Middleton, WI

June 201

Cynthia Shapiro