About Us

Founder - Cynthia Shapiro

Founder - Cynthia Shapiro

The first time I visited downtown Salem, MA I felt like I was on a movie set. I was so intrigued with it's cobblestone streets, historic homes, rich maritime history, landmark buildings, public parks, museums and amazing stories from almost 400 years ago, it was literally love at first sight. I have resided here for 10 years and I have yet to run out of interests and activities in this picturesque New England city.

I enjoy meeting new people, creating memorable experiences, supporting locally owned and operated businesses, tasting delicious food and sharing historical information. Having spent my entire professional career in the fields of laboratory science and biotechnology, I am curious by nature, and always eager to learn something new. I love the science of gastronomy and have spent a lot of time researching the history of Salem on my own. That said, I have decided to follow my new passion and create my own walking culinary and cultural tour through downtown Salem, MA!

I hope you will join me in enthusiastically exploring some of the best of what Salem has to offer!

Cynthia Shapiro is a licensed and insured historic tour guide in Salem, MA.